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Eclat Viper Sprocket Replacement Guard – 25T


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A fully replaceable 10mm thick Nylon-Fibreglass guard that is bolted securely into our AK and ELEVATE Guard Sprockets via x4 small bolts.

One of the major design elements that has made the AK and ELEVATE guard sprockets such trustworthy and robust products, is the way that the Viper Nylon guard is attached to the sprocket. Instead of sitting on the surface of the alloy sprocket, the Viper guard is sunken INTO the structure of the sprocket and supported all the way around so that the bolt holes on the guard do not take all the impact.

The high-impact, low-friction material of the guard allows you to grind and slide on the sprocket in ways that a standard alloy guard wouldn’t let you – this also opens up the possibility of a whole new world of grind combinations.



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Shipping Weight 200 g