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Primo Tube – 20″ X 2.20 – 2.50 (Each)


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The Primo 1.95 – 2.5″ BMX inner tube is designed to not stretch and make your tube thinner and prone to flats. Manufactured out of high quality rubber this tube will last longer than the cheap tubes you buy at discount stores. This tube fits tire sizes 1.95′ all the way up to 2.5″ which is almost any 20″ tire. This make this tube compatable with 90% of bmx bikes on the road. The valve stem is made out of brass to reduce corrosion and has a removable valve stem to prevent valve stem failure. If you want a high quality tube that will last longer.

size: 20″x2.2-2.5″
valve: Shrader AV
weight: 0.247kg (8.71oz.)

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Shipping Weight 100 g